A kitchen is a place in your home that is much trafficked. Everyone goes to this corner multiple times in a day thus it must look aesthetic. You always stumble upon the ideas of the kitchen renovation. There are several unique ideas in your head and when it comes to giving your raw ideas a final form Regal Stone Manson is at your service there. With our unique variety of services, we add the elegance and glam in your home or any other requested space. We are the top industry and have expertise in the installation plus manufacturing of kitchen benchtops, splashback, fireplaces, BBQ, vanity tops, and many more other places.

Neolith Benchtops

Neolith is a large format, lightweight, and sintered surface comprised of entirely recyclable, natural products as in crushed stones. It is manufactured by the process of intense heat and compression that brings together the elements to build a sturdy product and strong bond. The product will be lightweight, versatile, and UV resistant. You can enrich your home with sophisticated, timeless, and the most naturally perfect addition of dekton and neolith. These engineered stones are manufactured with low maintenance and high durability. This manufacturing incorporates impeccable craftsmanship hence be headache-free. All of the services will be fitted to your precision.

Installation of Stone Benchtops

We are your benchtops installation specialists. These neolith benchtop are made up of stone that is widely utilized since primitive ages and ranked as the most favourable choice today. Let us showcase how stones have the potential to transform your home interior.

Ranges of Stones

A whole range of stones starting from quartz to granite benchtops are introduced here. The other one is a marble benchtop ready to be featured in your kitchen. Thus, all these types have their specialties.

In other features, you can consider a stone bench- waterfalls, splashbacks, and sink outs. These are fitted on the corners of your benchtops giving them a finishing look. You can either consider it for you to have a proper kitchen benchtop.

All the above states types of stone kitchen benchtops are made up of complex patterns and smooth surfaces. As in granite benchtops have gloss more than quartz. And quartz stone is specially engineered while mixing resins and composting the crushed natural quartz. The quartz is easy, reliable, durable and easy to clean

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