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Everyone is fond of decorating their house to leave a signature of their style and design.  But there are only a few people that will be able to do it themselves because not everyone has an eye for a design.  It is always suggested that help should be taken from an expert when it comes to designing your house that will be making a mark.  In Melbourne, if you are looking for someone to serve this purpose for you then you should be visiting design consigned.  The design consigned is the service provider that can help you in many ways when it comes to finding the design items or selling the design furniture and homewares. Even design consigned can help you to decorate your home with the help of professional interior designers.

 The design consigned offers multiple services here we will be briefly discussing these services and the reason why one should be consulting design consigned before making any decision related to their furniture or homewares.

Online shop:

The online shop that offers a range of items that include furniture, decoration items or homewares. The design consigned collect design object or homewares from multiple sellers or even they collect designed furniture from brands like B&B Italia or Baxter.  Visiting their online shop will help you to find many items that might not be directly sold by companies in Australia but you can find them in their catalogue because they collect design items from people who are willing to sell their items on their platform. This is the reason that their online shop has many unique and collectible items that might not be available in any physical store.


They offer to consign option, in which you can sell preowned design objects on their platform to any other design lover.  You have to upload the pictures of the item that you want to sell on their platform. Their team will review and give the design clearance to your item to list on their website.  This can also help people who want to change their pre-owned designed objects but to get money from the same by selling them online. During design clearance, the seller will also get complete feedback on their object and also if they can give you the suggestion about the selling price.  This helps people to collect the budget by selling their pre-owned design items and helping design consigned to collect the designed item for the other design lovers.


You can get a complete consultation for designing your house office or any other place from the design consigned.  The advantage is that they have collected designed items from multiple sellers and provide design clearance for the item that you want to sell on their platform. In this way, you will be able to sell all the items that you don’t need in your current place and get the new ones from their online shop, along with the plan for designing your place.